Feminicides: a woman terribly massacred by her husband in Médéa

Feminicides, a phenomenon that is not weakening in Algeria, this scourge still continues to claim many victims, in the four corners of the country, where the figures have now become alarming.

Indeed, women continue to be coldly killed by their relatives more than by strangers. These victims are killed by their husbands, brothers, fathers, more than by strangers.

In Médéa, the population is still in shock, where a sordid crime shook, today Thursday, October 14, the inhabitants of the municipality of El Guelb El Kebir, located to the east of the wilaya of Médéa.

This is a forty-something who savagely massacred his wife, in the afternoon of today, in their family home, in the town of El Guelb El Kebir.

The respondent suffers from psychological pressure

The implicated husband terribly massacred his wife with a knife, for reasons which remain unknown. According to the Arabic-language media El Khabar, sources say that the respondent suffers from psychological pressure, which led them to set fire to his family home, several years ago.

Immediately alerted, the territorially competent security services intervened and immediately opened an investigation to find out the exact circumstances of this tragedy.

As a reminder, the African continent holds the second record for the largest number of feminicides (19,000), after Asia which holds the sad record (20,000).

In addition, the Americas and Europe respectively counted 8,000 and 3,000 women killed by their spouses or relatives in 2017, according to UN figures.

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