“Fenrik Aker’s” great grief: – Was not prepared for him to disappear

Geir Aker says this in an interview with Dorthe Skappel.

The 45-year-old from Horten became a celebrity overnight when he appeared as an ensign in “Kompani Lauritzen”. Now he is soon ready to step into the role again in a third season.

POPULAR: Fenrik Geir Aker Photo: TV 2

So many were inspired by the discipline of the 45-year-old, that he has now become an author and published the book “Fenrikens first-time service”, which will help the people to get their lives in order.

In an interview with Dorthe Skappel, he opens up about his own turning point in life.

Watch the clip with the ensign and Dorthe Skappel in the video window at the top of the case.

Became an adult quickly

As a 28-year-old, Aker lost both his father and grandfather within 15 days.

– Then the two were in front of me in the queue, suddenly they were gone. Then I suddenly felt like “Oisann, now you are first in line among the men in the family”, he says and remembers the two role models.

Here, Geir Aker receives the audience award: – Life has changed dramatically

– From when I was a boy, grandpa and dad have always been there, but when they are gone I do not have them to look up to more. So then I had to find the way myself.

– What did you do then ?, Skappel asks.

– Then I grew up pretty quickly. Then you can not opt ​​out of responsibility, it is there, you can not hide behind that someone else arranges, it is you that matters, the ensign answers.

Was not prepared

Aker, who himself has two children in his teens, looked up to his father and grandfather, and took it hard when they died.

– Suddenly, those who were guiding stars and role models, they are gone, he says.

– Was it completely unnatural for you that someone else should take that job?

– No, my grandfather was an adult and had age, but my father died quite early. I was not prepared for him to disappear. You have an idea of ​​what life will be like, then it did not happen that way.

You can see the entire interview with Dorthe Skappel and the ensign in Good evening Norway next week.

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