Ferchichi family joy – Bushido and Anna-Maria show their triplet happiness

Three at once!

On November 11th, Anna-Maria Ferchichi (40), wife of rapper Bushido alias Anis Ferchichi (43), gave birth to her triplet daughters Leonora, Naima and Amaya.

Now Bushido and his wife Anna-Maria appear for the first time with their three newcomers Instagram.

Anna-Maria Ferchichi with one of her triplet girlsPhoto: anna_maria_ferchichi / Instagram

In the sugary family photo, two of the girls are lying in Bushido’s arms, the third has snuggled up with Anna-Maria. The parents: beaming with happiness!

The newly minted triplet dad writes: “13 days ago you three little people were born. We have had months of fear and worry for you. Hopefully many years of happiness and health lie ahead of us with you. “

The girls were brought in by caesarean section at the Charité in Berlin. Even the pregnancy was turbulent. Just a few months ago, Bushido and Anna-Maria feared for the life of one of their girls.

These worries are now over: the babies are fine, all three girls were strong enough to be born.

Bushido and Anna-Maria in the delivery room.  The rapper cut all three umbilical cords

Bushido and Anna-Maria in the delivery room. The rapper cut all three umbilical cordsPhoto: ddp socialmediaservice

Bushido thanks the doctors, midwives and nurses on Instagram. “I would like many more people to understand the incredible service you are doing. Our children were in good hands every second and today we are finally all at home together. Thank you for everything.”

Anna-Maria also recently wrote on Instagram that she was “infinitely grateful” that her three girls were born healthy.

Now they take the time to get used to the three newcomers in their extended family.

“I’m back among the living now,” Anna-Maria recently commented on Instagram. “I think every woman who has given birth knows what kind of emotional state you get into as a woman. We first had to find a good rhythm that we have now. “

With the triplets, Bushido and his wife now have seven children together, and Anna-Maria brought another one into the marriage.

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