Ferman’s reason for resigning as head of surgery in “Doctor Miracle”

A series of changes is what the telenovela is currently going through “Miracle doctor”, The Turkish success that has conquered thousands of people in various countries of the world and has established itself as one of the favorites in Spain. In the next chapters a great surprise will occur with the surgeon Ferman Eryiğit that will force him to make a drastic decision.

Since its premiere in Turkey on September 12, 2019 “Miracle Doctor“, Original name of the production, also known as”Doctor miracle”Managed to be identified as one of the favorite telenovelas by the public, reaching significant audience levels. Thus, the story based on the series “The Good Doctor” could reach other countries in Latin America and Europe.

Miracle doctor”Is about the history of Ali Vefa (Taner Ölmez) a young doctor with autism spectrum disorder who is trying to win a position in the pediatric surgery team of the Istanbul Berhayat Hospital.

One of your colleagues will be the doctor Ferman Eryiğit, head of the surgery area who will give a lot to talk about when making the decision to leave that position.

Actor Onur Tuna with other actors from “Doctor Miracle” (Photo: Onur Tuna / Instagram)


Onur Tuna is the real name of the actor who plays the doctor Ferman Eryiğit, who in fiction works as chief of surgery at the Berhayat hospital in Istanbul.

As everyone knows, the doctor had become chief of surgery, a position he dreamed of so much, because it was a promise he made to his sister when she first decided to study medicine. After some time he was able to fulfill that promise.

What many will ask is why did he resign as chief of surgery? The answer is because Dr. Ferman suffered a deep wound in his right hand. Precisely that hand with which he always works and uses to operate.

After thinking about it very well and faced with different samples of frustration, Ferman He decides to leave the hospital and gives a paper to Nurse Selvi. That document is your resignation.

You know how much I love this job and I don’t want to talk about it. Give that paper to Vuslat”, He declared.


Although he had been doing a good job in his area, everything would change when he had to go out with his team to help people who had suffered a multiple road accident on the road. That is when he will have an accident.

This happened when he decided to go down a ravine in order to help a woman with her son who needed emergency help.

A misstep caused the doctor to roll down the cliff and put a point in his right hand, which is why his nerves were cut. His colleagues took him immediately to the hospital but despite the efforts of the doctors he could not recover his sensitivity.

His sister came to see Ferman’s condition, which caused the surgeon’s surprise, who, in addition to having his hand immobile, suffered a feeling of frustration at that moment.

Excuse me, I did not keep my word”, He said crying to his sister.

Honey, I can no longer, by my hand I can no longer be a surgeonFerman noted.

It was Dr. Ali Vefa who tried to encourage him and indicated that once he recovers he can return to his post.


As a result of his resignation, several questions arise and it is meeting who will make things very clear to Ferman regarding his future at the Istanbul hospital.

Do you think the whole hospital will wait for you until you do it? (…) A surgeon in my hospital can no longer work, you put effort into your hand all the time and I believe you do, but I must find another surgeon soon, after all you have already resigned ”he told Ferman.

Ferman’s replacement was immediate and is Muhsin, a doctor with great experience who will become the head of the surgery area.

According to Telefe,
According to Telefe, “Doctor miracle” would come to an end in mid-November (Photo: MF Yapim)

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