Fernandez at 38 years of "Never more": "The report that marked our history"

On September 20, 1984, the National Commission on the Disappearance of Persons handed over to the president Raul Alfonsin the report that would set a historical precedent for Argentina: the “Never more”. Today, 38 years after that day, the head of state, Alberto Fernandezcommemorates the importance of this milestone.

Through his Twitter account, the president published a video that goes back to the publication of the report that compiled the crimes of the last Military Dictatorship and the return of democracy. Context in which he also denounced the attack on the vice president, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

Alberto Fernández commemorated the 38th anniversary of “Never Again”: “The report that marked our history” | Source: Twitter @alferdez

“When we said ‘Never Again’, we didn’t just say the military dictatorship, the disappearances and the torture. We said ‘Never Again’ to hatred, to violence, to the persecution of misunderstandings, to the lack of justice, to the lack of democratic debate“Fernández expresses in a speech that appears in the video.

To accompany the clip, the president left a message: “38 years have passed since the CONADEP presented the report that marked our history: ‘Never Again’. Two words with which during all these years, from peace and unity, we forged the foundations of our democracy. Let’s always defend her.”

On December 15, 1983, CONADEP was created, which was formed by the writer Ernesto Sabato; the lawyer and former rector of the University of Buenos Aires, Ricardo Colombres; the journalist Magdalena Ruiz Guiñazu; the doctor and creator of the coronary bypass, Rene Favaloro; teacher and engineer Hilario Fernandez Long; the evangelical pastor, Carlos T. Gattinoni; mathematician and philosopher, Gregory Klimovsky; American rabbi, Argentine citizen and founder of the Latin American Rabbinical Seminary and human rights activist, Marshall T. Meyer; monsignor and human rights activist, Jaime de Nevares; the philosopher Eduardo Rabossi; the radical deputies Santiago Marcelino Lopez, Hugo Diogenes Piucill Y Horacio Hugo Huarte.

The report documented 50,000 pages who testified to the execution mechanism of the systematic plan carried out by the Military Juntas. The “Never Again” would also serve as the central evidence to carry out the historic trial that the prosecutors promoted. Julius Caesar Strassera and his deputy Luis Moreno Ocampoalong with a prosecutor’s office of young people who formed.

History that we will see in theaters from September 29 with the film “Argentina, 1985” under the direction of Santiago Miter and the main performances of Ricardo Darin Y Peter Lanzani.

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