Fernández remembered Martín Miguel de Güemes and claimed his "feat" for our country

Friday June 17, 2022 | 3:22 p.m.

President Alberto Fernández highlighted this Friday “the defense of what is ours even in adverse conditions” that Salta general Martín Miguel de Güemes did in the gaucho wars of the struggle for independence and asked to vindicate “the feat of those who put themselves at the service of Homeland”.

“General Martín Miguel de Güemes taught us, in his fight for independence, to defend what is ours even in adverse conditions. Let us vindicate the feat of those who put themselves at the service of the country,” the head of state wrote on his Twitter account, on the 201st anniversary of the death of the Salta soldier.

The President accompanied the text with a video that shows images of the north of the country and a voiceover that recounts fragments of the letter that Güemes sent to the royalist general Pedro Olañeta.

From that letter, Fernández chose to highlight a phrase: “The people who want to be free, there is no human power to hold them down,” which the gaucho general wrote.

The audiovisual material concludes with part of the president’s speech last year in Salta: “The heroes of Argentina are those who were capable of building this country, those who founded it, those who gave their lives, those who left everything so that let’s be free Long live Salta, long live Güemes and long live the Homeland”, he expressed on that occasion.

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