Ferrari and autonomous driving, that’s two

Ferrari, through the voice of its boss Benedetto Vigna, announces that it does not want to make its cars completely autonomous. The Italian firm would like to stop at level 2+ of autonomous driving.

Autonomous (or rather semi-autonomous) cars are multiplying, thanks to driving aids that allow the driver to achieve interesting levels of autonomy. Thus, most manufacturers offer level 2 cars and only Mercedes, for the moment, offers level 3 cars (the S class and the electric EQS). This last level allows the driver to let go of the steering wheel in these conditions. very precise and no longer pay attention to the road. But Ferrari does not want to follow the path of other car manufacturers who rely heavily on autonomous driving, aiming for level 5 in the long term, for fully autonomous driving.

Ferrari will not go further than level 2+

On the occasion of the presentation of his plan for the electrification of the range, the boss of Ferrari, Benedetto Vigna, indeed wanted to clarify the company’s position on questions relating to autonomous driving. For the moment, the Ferraris allow you to reach level 2, thanks to the adaptive cruise control and lane keeping. Two driving aids widely used on high-end cars. But the Italian clarified that Ferrari “will stop at level 2+”. It therefore seems unlikely, for the moment, to see a Ferrari one day without any driver behind the wheel. A situation that would require level 5 autonomy.

Level 2 Plus sits between level 2 and 3. It’s basically semi-autonomous driving relying on the adaptive speed adapter and lane keeping, but with the need to stay focused on the road . Compared to level 2, level 2+ (which is not officially recognized), allows to add some functionalities like the fact of automatically overtake (like the Teslas do in the United States) or the ability to let go of the steering wheel hands on certain Cadillacs, thanks to a camera that detects the driver’s attention focused on the road.

No self-driving sports cars for Ferrari

Ferrari justifies itself by the fact that sports car drivers do not want to spend money on a self-driving car. This strategy would allow the Italian company tosave a lot of money on the electronic part of autonomous driving – which requires many sensors – in order to focus on the electrification of the brand. Enough to leave more budget for innovations more related to sporty driving and circuit driving. See you in 2025 for the first electric car from the Italian manufacturer.

It's official, Ferrari is betting a lot on electric (but not totally)

Ferrari says 80% of its sales will be hybrid and electric vehicles by 2030, with its first all-electric model due in 2025.
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