Ferrari reassures: its future electric cars will retain the spirit of thermals

If Ferrari already has electrified models, the first 100% electric car from the Italian manufacturer is scheduled for 2025. The brand is preparing for this new objective, without wanting to deny what it is.

Ferrari is slowly preparing for a small revolution. The Maranello site is known for having produced some of the most beautiful combustion engines and the most beautiful bodies. The plant will soon accommodate the production of 100% electric cars and the assembly of battery modules.

Ferrari has planned to invest some 4.4 billion euros to support the development of electric and rechargeable hybrid models. The first battery-powered model is expected to appear in showrooms in 2025. By 2026, Ferrari expects to have shifted 60% of its sales to electrified, mostly hybrid, models. In 2030, the manufacturer is aiming for 40% of models with 100% electric engines and 40% hybrids.

“The electric motors will be designed, handcrafted and assembled in Maranello”

Ferrari is careful not to disseminate too much information about its future electric model. Without going into technical details, the brand however unveiled the outline of its strategic plan on Thursday June 16, 2022 during its conference. “Ferrari Market Day”.

We learn in particular that Ferrari will not outsource the manufacture of its future electric cars. On the contrary, the mark indicates: The electric motors will be designed, handcrafted and assembled in Maranello, to guarantee a unique driving experience also derived from racing solutions. “Ferrari nevertheless specifies that it will call on strategic partnerships on certain non-essential hardware and software areas, to complete its know-how.

Ferrari Manarello factory // Source: Ferrari

We know that the participation of the Italian manufacturer in Formula 1 already contributes to the creation of its hybrid models. Its future electric models will also benefit from the experience acquired with motor racing in several aspects.

Ferrari is committed to respecting the brand’s heritage on its future electric model. The manufacturer will be particularly vigilant on several aspects of this first model: the performance of its engine, its weight, the sound produced by the vehicle and the emotions provided by driving…

Through this presentation, the Italian manufacturer wanted to reassure investors that electrification will not harm the brand image or the comfortable margins of the luxury manufacturer.

A first late electric model

Ferrari follows a schedule of its own. “ There’s no point in running, you have to leave on time seems to have been the Italian manufacturer’s mantra for a few years.

Let’s not be surprised. Ferrari is launching its first thermal SUV in September 2022, while all the other luxury manufacturers have already produced their version for several years. Rumors even speculated that the first electric model would be the Ferrari SUV named Purosangue. Even if the indications given by the brand suggest that the first electric model will be more of a sports car, doubt may persist.

Ferrari Purosangue teaser // Source: Ferrari

Competition in the luxury and performance segment has intensified. New players in electric mobility have appeared in this niche. Even Tesla with its Roadster wants to disrupt the established rules. Ferrari will both have to impose its models against other historical players, Porsche having taken a definite lead with its Taycan, but also face new references: Lotus Evija, Rimac Nevera, Pininfarina Battista, Deus Vayanne. The challenge promises to be tough.

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