Festigame: this is all we know so far about the video game festival in Chile

Festigame: this is all we know so far about the video game festival in Chile

FestiGame Fanta will be held – in person – at Espacio Riesco on Friday 12, Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 August and tickets are on sale in the system ticket plus. That’s the first thing you should know.

The great video game event in Chile, which was only with digital versions due to the pandemic, is back. What do we know so far about what we will see this time?

first guests

Attention gamers! Guests have already been announced. The first is Gerardo Vazquez, a renowned Mexican dubbing actor of mythical characters such as Megatron, Nick Fury, Miaw from Pokemon, Escanor from the 7 Deadly Sins and many more.

Miguel Angel leal (Mike) is also confirmed as an award-winning Mexican dubbing actor for characters such as Eren Jaeger from Attack or Titan, Ash Ketchum from Pokemon, Taishi Yagami from Digimon or Meliodas from the 7 deadly sins.


For one of the most popular competitions of FestiGame (Cosplay Competition) he assured his presence in Chile, directly from Panama: KOKOA, who will come to dazzle us with his costumes, which have been very prominent in the Riot circuit in Leyendas del Cosplay.

And, from Mexico, the duo will accompany us: Twiin Cosplay (José María Arroyo and Juan Carlos Tolento).

With more than 9 years in the world of cosplay, they have participated in high-level competitions with Riot Games. Both will be the official international juries, who will join the Chilean representatives (Thyme, Claubailarinita and Princess Haru).

music for the occasion

The most renowned anime band from Chile, Anime Rock Project will also be present as one of the first musical guests this year.

The group will bring to our festival the best openings for Chilean fans. Anime Rock Project is the official quartet of renowned concerts such as: “Dragon Concert”, “Saint Seiya Symphony” and “Animé Latin Festival”.

Esports: maximum power

Meanwhile, in the Game Show Arena (the great sector where the best esports in Chile will compete) the competitions of: Counter Strike Global Offensive, Valorant, League of Legends and Pokemon Unite will await them.

The participants are already registered, and the final will be precisely in this face-to-face edition of FestiGame Fanta 2022 next August.

Do you already have your ticket?

The tickets are divided between: Daily Tickets, Subscriptions and Gamer Pack whose price will vary according to the pre-sale stage. Sanitary Regulations FestiGame Fanta 2022 FestiGame Fanta 2022 will have a special concern to maintain the sanitary regulations required by the current situation and that involve an event of this magnitude.

For this reason, the capacity indicated by the authorities will be respected and all those attending the event will be asked to:

  • Mandatory use of mask.
  • Have a daily mobility pass.
  • Follow the instructions provided by the production on site, with the aim of fully complying with these protocols and all the necessary health and self-care requirements.

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