Festival: Düsseldorf: Ehrenhof Open wants to be sustainable and diverse

The event celebrates its premiere on Düsseldorf’s culture mile from August 12th to 14th. The music is not the only focus of the festival.

After two years of the corona pandemic, the festival summer is starting again this year. Large music events such as “Rock am Ring” or “Hurricane” have already taken place again. Also in the Stockumer Arena there were or are big events with Rammstein and the Toten Hosen.

A festival will also take place in Düsseldorf from August 12th to 14th: The “Ehrenhof Open” will then celebrate on the culture mile itself and also in the North Rhine-Westphalia Forum its premiere. Organizer Hamed Shahi has announced that 19 bands will play over the three days, at different times on two different stages. The line-up will then include rapper Fatoni and actor Lars Eidinger, who will be DJing.

But not only music should be in the foreground on the weekend in mid-August: “The festival will not only feature pop music, but also podcasts and a fashion market. From 10 p.m. there will be an after-show program in the NRW Forum,” explains Shahi, who also continues to pull the strings in the planning for the popular “New Fall Festival”.

Free entry

That the festival on Court of Honor will take place was deliberately chosen, says Shahi: “The history of the culture mile with the Tonhalle and the Kunstpalast next door, as well as the entire pop culture in Düsseldorf have shaped me a lot. That’s why we thought about doing a festival that deals with pop culture.”

There was a lot of uncertainty when planning the Ehrenhof Open because of the pandemic. For a long time, Hamed Shahi’s team did not know under what conditions the event could take place. Because only open-air events were possible last summer, it quickly became clear that after the successful summer edition of the New Fall Festival 2021, the new format would also run outside: “Because of the summer edition of the New Falls and because of Corona, we decided that the new festival will also take place in this form,” says the organizer.

The three-day festival will then cost no admission for visitors. A conscious decision: “Significantly fewer tickets were sold at comparable festivals than before the pandemic. So we thought that if people don’t want to buy tickets, we’ll offer the whole thing for free.” This is “of course a brave step,” says Shahi, but “with the help of the city of Düsseldorf and our great partners, it’s still possible for us managed to create a good line-up.” And if the new festival proves itself, the event should ideally remain free of charge in the long term. There is room for 3000 festival guests per day, Shahi hopes “that we will get to a point where we can no longer let anyone in because it is so full”.

sustainability and diversity

The topic of sustainability also plays an important role at the festival, and arriving by bike should be made more attractive, emphasizes the director of the New Fall Festival: “There will be a large bicycle parking lot in front of the entrance to the festival site at the Ehrenhof. There is even a bicycle repair shop on site.”

When putting together the artists, care was also taken to ensure that they cause as few emissions as possible upon arrival. “As organizers, we also aim to be as climate-neutral as possible. Sustainability is just as important at the Ehrenhof Open as the music. That’s why we considered whether we need bands and performers who have to fly here. That’s why we decided to deduct the emissions caused by the artists who fly to Düsseldorf from the fee. If they decide to travel by train, we’ll pay for the ticket for them.”

This is not the only reason why less well-known musicians from the region have also been invited. “We also want to give smaller artists a stage and the chance to show what they’re made of, like ‘International Music’ or singer Kira Hummen,” explains programmer Andreas Jülich.

They also want to counteract the fact that there are hardly any women on stage at many festivals. “At many festivals there is almost exclusively a male line-up. But especially in the underground area there are enough bands and artists of all genders. You just have to dare to give them a stage,” says Jülich.

Further information and the complete line-up of the Ehrenhof Open can be found at www.ehrenhof-open.de

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