Festival: Juicy Beats 2022: This is what visitors to the festival need to know

The festival season is on and after a two-year break, the Juicy Beats Festival in Dortmund is back. Here you will find all important information.

  • The Juicy Beats will be back in 2022: the fans had to be patient for two years.
  • There will soon be two days of celebrations at the Juicy Beats in Dortmund’s Westfalenpark.
  • But are there still tickets for the Juicy Beats? And which bands and artists will be on stage in the Westfalenpark? We have collected the most important information.

The Juicy Beats Festival in Dortmund’s Westfalenpark had to take a break for two years: now festival fans can look forward to a renewed edition of the event. But which artists are on the stage? What do the tickets cost? And where is the best place for visitors to park? We have collected the most important information:

Juicy Beats 2022: when is the festival happening?

There are two days of celebrations in July in Westfalenpark: this year, the Juicy Beats will take place on July 29 (Friday) and July 30 (Saturday). The site opens at 2 p.m. on Friday and at 12 p.m. on Saturday. On Friday, however, only part of the park is open.

Juicy Beats 2022: Which bands and artists will be on stage over the two days?

Friday: Among others, Querbeat, BHZ, Lari Luke and Mavi Phoenix will be on the stages in the Westfalenpark on the first day of the festival. Kontra K is the headliner on the first day of the festival. “The best-selling rap album of the year, visitor numbers at the concerts that break all limits and a 1Live crown for the best hip-hop act”, with these words the organizer advertises the rapper’s performance.

Saturday: The headliner on Saturday is the German hi-hop band KIZ. “In the summer of 2022, rap can show feelings and emotions again. Love, affection and sensitivity are no longer swear words,” writes the organizer. Also present on Saturday are Juju, Rin, Faber and Province. Which artists are still there? Here is an overview.

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Are Juicy Beats tickets still available? And what do they cost?

Yes, there are still tickets. If you want to celebrate both days in the Westfalenpark with Juicy Beats, you have to pay 109 euros (plus system fee). A VIP ticket for both days costs 209 euros. The day ticket for Friday is 53 euros and only Saturday costs 62 euros (each plus system fee). There are also VIP tickets for the individual days: 113 euros for Friday and 122 euros for Saturday. Tickets for 11 to 13 year olds are cheaper (50 euros for both days or 25 euros for one day).

Can I resell my Juicy Beats ticket?

The tickets are personalized this year. If you still want to sell them, you can have them re-personalized (for a fee of 3.50 euros per ticket). How exactly does that work? Here is all the information.

When does the campsite open at Juicy Beats?

This year, too, camping is allowed near the festival site. The campsite opens from Thursday (July 28) to Sunday (July 31), approximately 3 p.m. The square is about a three-minute walk from the festival site. If you don’t want to camp on the cobblestones without an air mattress, you can buy one on site.

Campsite admission times / ticket office opening hours

  • Thursday, 07/28/22 from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m
  • Friday, 07/29/22 from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m
  • All further information about There is camping here.

Juicy Beats: How much does camping cost?

Two people with a tent get access to the camping site for 40 euros (plus garbage deposit). Three people in a tent pay 60 euros (plus rubbish deposit). A campervan ticket costs 60 euros this year (also plus a garbage deposit). A simple parking ticket is 10 euros.

Getting to Juicy Beats: How do I get to the festival site?

The prices for bus and train in the VRR area are included in the festival ticket. “With the U 45 (direction Westfalenhallen) and the U 49 (direction Hacheney) you can get from the main station or from the city center to the Westfalenpark stop in less than 10 minutes,” writes the organizer. Car parking spaces around the Westfalenpark are usually charged. The Juicy Beats site can be reached by car via the B1. From there there are various possibilities to the Westfalenpark.

Juicy Beats: What does the festival site offer this year?

In addition to the various stages, the organizers offer various stands for catering. There is also a creative mile where, among other things, jewelry, paintings and clothes are offered. If you want to get an overview first: Here is the location map.

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