Festival ticket: Train tickets for Christmas can be booked

Home by train for Christmas? Those who book until December 11th will travel at the lower prices of the old timetable.

From October 13th, rail travelers can book their tickets for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. A DB spokeswoman confirmed this on request. From this point in time, the new timetable, valid from December 12th, will be activated.

Tickets are on bahn.de , im DB Navigator as well as in the travel centers and agencies. Those who book up to and including December 11th pay the lower prices of the current timetable. Bookings from December 12th are then 1.9 percent more expensive on average.

Flex prices increase by a bit

According to Deutsche Bahn, the flex prices and the prices for route season tickets will rise by an average of 2.9 percent. The prices for Bahncards 25, 50 and 100 also rise by 2.9 percent. The super saver prices and saver prices from 17.90 euros and from 21.50 euros respectively remain the same. The prices for seat reservations in first and second class will also remain unchanged. (dpa)

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