Festivals & celebrations: O’zapft is! – Oktoberfest in the region

The Oktoberfest in Munich has been running since September 17, and from Friday North Rhine-Westphalia will also follow with branches in various cities.

It is and was the year of comebacks, the return of numerous major events without any restrictions after two years of doing without – events sprouted from the ground in spring like crocuses after the frost period. It goes without saying that one event shouldn’t be missing: the Oktoberfest in Munich – finally showing again in dirndl or lederhosen on the Theresienwiese.

While Bavaria has been attracting the who’s who of German celebrities from entertainment, sports and politics to the notorious Käfer tent since last Friday with eleven degrees and drizzle, the local offshoots are starting one or more in Essen, Duisburg and Hagen, among others Weeks later. In Xanten, Düsseldorf and Cologne, however, there will be no great fun this year either. We have compiled some swan parades for you:

Rü Oktoberfest in Essen

This has almost become a tradition in our region: starting next weekend, space will again be made available for the Rü Oktoberfest at Essen-Mülheim Airport. To celebrate the year, the Gaudi, which was able to take place under 2G conditions last year, boasts an additional day of celebration. The tent is open until October 22nd. on Fridays and Saturdays the tarpaulin for the party people, Sunday is a cozy Oktoberfest lunch (except October 2nd). Music comes from the Original Rüttenscheiders, DJ Fishi (on the opening day) and DJ Patric.

Munster Oktoberfest

Who needs Munich when you can also go to Münster? At the Münster Oktoberfest, the beer is similarly expensive. This year, the Wiesn will add more than 15 percent to the festival beer, now the liter is between 12.60 euros and 13.80 euros. Münster wants to sell its King Ludwig for 12.50 euros. To the music of the party birds, who stand for sex, traditional costume & rock’n roll, things are sure to go well.

Hagen Wiesn Gaudi

For the third edition of the Hagen Wiesn Gaudi, a 2000 square meter marquee will be set up on Otto-Ackermann-Platz. For the five-day festival, the organizers are bringing party atmosphere guarantors such as Oli Petszokat (Oli. P, September 24th), Joey Gabalögl (September 30th) and NDW-Markus (October 2nd). At the start, star guest Lorenz Büffel (September 23) warms up the people wearing traditional costumes. In the past, the organizers were happy about sold-out days, but currently there are still a few places to be reserved.

Oktoberfest in Dortmund

Dortmund, too, cannot be denied a celebratory return to temporary Bavarian flair and, on the occasion of the great fun, will be presenting top stars from the party and hit scene. Mickie Krause (September 30th), Anna-Maria Zimmermann (October 1st), Peter Wackel and Alm Klausi (October 2nd), Mia Julia (October 7th) and Olaf Henning (October 8th) will visit the Revierpark Wischlingen on the two weekends. In order to experience the mood makers live, however, guests have to dress up: Dirndl and lederhosen are not compulsory, but at least a checked shirt should be.

Bergisches Oktoberfest in Solingen

Bavarian delicacies, an atmospheric atmosphere, first-class music – that’s what the Bergisches Oktoberfest promises, which kicks off on September 30th. denies with Mickie Krause. There are no more tickets for the live experience with the entertainer. But for the “mord fun” that follows, the Cologne dialect band Paveier (Sat) and Nino de Angelo (Sun) will be on stage.

Friemersheim Oktoberfest in Duisburg

This is where Bavarian Wiesn meets Rhenish cheerfulness and industrial culture meets Bavarian cosiness – at least that’s what the announcement for the Oktoberfest at Villa Rheinperle in Duisburg says. 800 guests can be accommodated in the white and blue marquee, entertained by singer, entertainer and moderator Willi Girmes. He gets support from the Oktoberfest bands Die Bande and Die Lechis as well as DJ Michael Victor.

Oktoberfest in Oberhausen

The Sterkrader Raben bring a touch of Bavarian flair to the heart of the Ruhr area at their Oktoberfest in Oberhausen’s resonance factory: in addition to Oktoberfest beer and classic decorations, the live party band Herzschlag, the Tanzgarde der Gesellschaft and the men’s ballet Die Tanzmaschinen provide entertainment suitable supporting program between Brez’n and Mass.

Other Oktoberfests: Grevenbroich Oktoberfest (September 30th – October 2nd, marquee Wevelinghoven, www.marcpesch.de), Hagen (7.+8.10., Stadthalle, www.oktoberfest-hagen.de), Straelen (14.+15.10., Kromsteg 21, www.oktoberfest-straelen.de).

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