Few adults in Gävleborg wear a bicycle helmet

In the capital and neighboring counties, around 70 percent of both children and adults use bicycle helmets in traffic. In Gävleborg, use among adults has decreased by one percentage point to 22 percent.

More children use helmets

Helmet use among children in the county has increased by two percentage points to 56 percent compared with last year’s survey. It is the law that everyone under the age of 15 must wear a helmet.

Every year, the National Association for the Promotion of Road Safety, NTF, conducts a survey that counts how many people wear bicycle helmets. The survey is based on more than 100,000 observations around the country. Due to the pandemic, the number of observations is lower this year as several schools in the county were closed during the measurement period.

The use of bicycle helmets in Gävleborg County 2013–2021 among adults and children. 1,772 adults and 1,810 children. Photo: NTF

If all cyclists wore a bicycle helmet, the total number of seriously injured could decrease by about five percent and the number of fatalities by 25 percent, according to NTF.

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