Few choose this refined connoisseur’s sliced ​​which has a unique flavor

Becoming a food expert is never easy. There are so many different things to taste, so many flavors to try and combine. Simply remaining in Italy we find an incredible variety of preparations, all very good and with a unique character. Meat, fish, desserts, cheeses, wines and much more are our specialties.

However, even abroad we can find delights that should not be underestimated. Today we are going to see a food that comes from outside Italy and more precisely from Spain. It is a great Iberian excellence that is recognized internationally. Few choose this refined connoisseur’s sliced ​​which has a unique flavor, let’s get to know it.

The delicious sliced

Today we are going to discover the Iberian jamon. It is considered a food worthy of the highest Spanish cuisine. It is a product strictly prepared from pigs that are at least 50% Iberian breed.

This purity of the pig breed is what makes it so unique. These pigs, in fact, are found only in the Iberian Peninsula, in the pastures of the South-East. Iberian pigs live and graze practically in the wild. They live in a particular ecosystem thanks to which they feed in a particular way.

These pigs mainly eat acorns, but also various types of herbs, including aromatic ones. A lot of space is needed to graze these animals, so you can still get few pigs from large plots. This makes the Iberian jamon even more unique.

Few choose this refined connoisseur’s sliced ​​which has a unique flavor

Acorns in particular are essential for obtaining the delicious taste of jamon. As the acorns mature, they fall to the ground and are eaten by pigs. The oils from these acorns then penetrate the bodies of the beasts, favoring the creation of a unique aroma in their flesh.

There are various ways to eat Iberian jamon, but we recommend it especially on its own. Simply tasting it allows us to live a unique experience. Its taste is strong and salty, with aromas deriving above all from the feeding of the pigs. To taste it a little differently, we can take some bread and put a little oil and a little tomato on top. Then we can eat jamon with this kind of bruschetta.

Obviously, then, you can eat it in a sandwich, making sure of course to choose a high quality bread.

We therefore recommend that you go to your local meat shop to taste some of this world-famous preparation, which perhaps even rivals our best cold cuts.

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