Few people know that there is a way to eat healthier and practically not dirty anything

Eating well is undoubtedly one of the greatest pleasures in life which, however, sometimes puts us in front of painful choices. If in some cases, in fact, we are kept away from good food for fear of fats, in others, we avoid cooking to eliminate the problem of cleaning. However, few people know that there is a way to eat healthier and practically nothing by combining two cooking methods. In this article we will see how to make a perfect cooking in foil that takes advantage of the advantages of baking and steaming.

The different types of foil

Oil free

The methods of cooking in foil are multiple and transversal for every country in the world. Especially in tropical countries, this type of cooking is carried out inside leaves such as those of the banana tree or some palm trees.

Those that we will see are certainly less exotic but more practical methods, since we will use common ones baking paper.

In fact, we strongly advise against the use of aluminum which should never be used in direct contact with the food being cooked.

Few people know that there is a way to eat healthier and practically not dirty anything

Let’s start with the classic bundle packet for which it will be enough to take the dish and place it in the center of the parchment paper sheet. It will be sufficient to close it just like a bundle and seal it firmly with a string. This type of foil is perfect for chopped foods such as vegetables.

If, on the other hand, we were to cook foods for which it is important to preserve the shape, such as fish, we will use the packet foil.

We place the fish in the center of a rectangular sheet of parchment paper leaving about 10 centimeters between the center and the edge. We will fold the sides of the parchment paper a couple of times towards the center and then cover the fish by overlapping the two long sides. At this point we fold the 2 short sides inwards, making the classic closure of the gift package, and also close in this case with string.

How to cook in foil

This cooking method takes advantage of the natural humidity of the food, leaving it tasty, tender and very light. In the case of drier foods we will have to add a liquid part such as broth, wine or water. The foil must be placed in a preheated oven at 200 ° for the cooking time necessary to easily obtain a tasty and healthy dish that leaves the kitchen as new.


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(We remind you to carefully read the warnings regarding this article, which can be consulted WHO”)

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