Fiat vehicles in Algeria: prices of available models revealed

Fiat vehicles in Algeria: prices of available models revealed

The Minister of Industry, Ahmed Zeghdar proceeded on Monday, March 6, to the delivery of the final approvals to the first three who obtain for the import of cars in Algeria. These are: the Italian brand “FIAT”, the Chinese brand “JAC”, and the German brand “OPEL”.

Very soon after obtaining this approval, Stellantis El Djazair announced the launch of Fiat in Algeria, with a ceremony organized today, Sunday March 19. During which Stellantis announced the models and marketing prices of Fiat vehicles in Algeria.

First, Samir Cherfan, head of Stellantis in the Middle East and Africa revealed that the Fiat 500, Fiat 500 x, Fiat Tipo models for tourist vehicles and the Fiat Doblo, Fiat Scudo and Fiat Ducato models for imported utilities and will be available from today on Sunday, March 19, 2023 in Algeria.

In addition the models that will be marketed, the prices have been revealed. Indeed, according to the same source, the prices of Fiat models will vary between 260 million cents for the cheapest model up to 500 million for the most expensive model.

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Here are the prices of imported Fiat vehicles available in Algeria today

  • The Fiat 500 will be marketed between 2,635,000 Da including tax and 2,920,000 Da including tax
  • The Fiat 500X will be marketed between 3,790,000 Da including tax and 4,060,000 Da including tax
  • The Fiat Tipo will be marketed from 2,995,000 Da TTC
  • The Fiat Scudo will be marketed from 3,970,000 Da TTC
  • The Fiat Ducato will be marketed between 4,120,000 Da including tax and 4,590,000 Da including tax

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