Fierce beating and cruel nightmare in La Plata: they make a child sleep to continue stealing

In 33 between 8 and 9, The victim spoke with this newspaper about the terrible sequence that he had to live / Sebastián Casali

Yesterday morning, a group of at least three criminals perpetrated a ferocious criminal coup in a house located at 33 between 8 and 9, in the North neighborhood of La Plata.

The assailants, who surprised the victim when he was resting, spared no violence and brutally punished him.

This is a 44-year-old man who, despite the general discomfort he felt as a result of the beating he received from three hooded thieves, recounted to this newspaper the series of torments to which he was subjected in his own home.

In this sense, he explained that the subjects entered the property after 2:30 in the morning through the patio in the back, which, according to suspicions, they arrived after climbing a wall from an adjoining property.

For the intruders it was the only important hurdle they had to overcome, since -when the back door was unlocked- all they had to do was grab the latch and enter.

According to the victim, they acted with such a level of secrecy that they managed to advance throughout the house without being able to perceive the presence of strangers.

He said that the first thing the criminals did was hit him in the face to wake him up. At that moment the nightmare began.

After the blow to the face there were two blows from the butt. One broke his lip and the other cut his cheekbone.

Awake but dazed by the attack and with diminished vision as a result of the first blow causing an ulcer in his right eye, the victim only managed to listen to the demands of the thugs.

The subjects assumed that there was a large sum of dollars in that house so, after the violent presentation, they began to demand that the victim indicate where he had the US currency while warning him that they came from Capital “with a sure thing”.

“We didn’t come so far to waste time. Tell me where you have the money. They gave us precise information that you have a lot of money”, shouted the thieves while they tied it with seals.

In order not to waste time, while one of the criminals carried out the interrogation, the rest began to rummage and break the furniture in the house.

“I gave them some pesos that I had saved. But the guys did not settle, ”she specified. To the thieves, the man was lying to them. And it was in this framework that they continued to check the dwelling. It was on that tour that they ran into the room of the victim’s son.

“They told me that the boy woke up and they explained to him that they were my friends and asked him to continue sleeping. The boy trusted them and ended up doing what they asked him to do, ”explained the victim who confessed that at all times he was afraid that they would do something to him.

Although the case is in the middle of the investigation phase, for the victim there are two options.

“On the one hand, I think they were in the wrong house or they entered mine believing that, by the appearance of the front, they could find a lot of money. What I do rule out is that someone has sold me as they told me, “said the man. At the same time he specified that they were people with experience in the subject.

He bases his hypothesis on the skill and secrecy with which the thieves acted to break into the house and the external support they had.

“I heard they were in communication with a guy who was apparently at the door,” he said.

After convincing themselves that they would not find more money than the pesos that the victim had taken from his wallet. “One of the guys came up to me and said ‘we are professionals and we hit you so you would understand what we were coming for. We would never have done anything to your baby. Later he told me that he was going to leave a knife near me so that he could free me but that he should use it once they left the house,” he recalled.

With that warning, the subjects left the dwelling with what they collected. Police sources indicated that they took cash, the amount of which they avoided specifying.

“I can’t believe they didn’t take anything other than the money,” he said.

Once the man made sure that there was no one in his house, he cut the seals with the knife that the criminals left him, took the phone and notified the police. “I am very worried about what might happen from now on. We will surely install something, ”he closed.

Police sources reported that after the incident, he had to be treated by SAME personnel.

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