FIFA 22 and F1 2022 drive EA earnings outperformance

The giant EA has had no trouble making the news lately. This morning, Electronic Arts mentioned the importance of single-player games in its catalog and the past few days have been marked by EA Sports’ communication around FIFA 23. Sports games represent a major part of the portfolio and revenues of EA as evidenced by the performance of FIFA 22 and F1 2022 over the past year.

The two flagship simulations of EA Sports outperformed in the 2021-2022 financial year

FIFA 22 and F1 22 are unquestionably benchmark sports simulations in their respective disciplines. Each year, new opuses are eagerly awaited by football and F1 fans and this year again, the numerical results have been particularly good for EA thanks to these two licenses. Andrew Wilson, the CEO of EA, notably states this in the latest financial report of the brand.

“EA delivered strong first quarter results, with our growing player network deeply engaged in new games and live services. Our growing EA SPORTS portfolio and intellectual property franchises continue to drive the resilience and longevity of our business. Our teams stay focused on what they do best: creating amazing experiences that inspire new generations to play, watch, create, compete and connect. »

The American firm’s chief financial officer, Chris Suh, also made his statement, referring to the success of FIFA and the successful launch of F1 22 last month.

“Our FIFA franchise and the successful launch of F1 helped outperform our net bookings, delivering another quarter that beat expectations. Looking ahead, our focus on execution and disciplined investments in our extensive portfolio of games and live services will fuel our long-term growth. »

Concretely, this outperformance of the FIFA franchise translates into an increase in net reservations of 22% over the past year, or a total of 7.478 billion dollars. The EA player network currently has nearly 600 million active accounts at the end of the quarter and there is a 40% increase in engagement on FIFA Ultimate Team.

These figures testify above all to the good health of EA Sports’ sports simulations and we can be sure that the American video game giant will be there in the coming years, EA already concluding partnerships for EA Sports FC planned in 2024 while FIFA 23 is not yet released.

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