FIFA 22: FUT, prices for the best cards in free fall, what you need to know

News tip FIFA 22: FUT, prices for the best cards in free fall, what you need to know

Published on 10/14/2021 7:40 PM

Since the launch of the new FUT edition of FIFA 22, the price of player cards has greatly affected the community with its affordable prices. We explain to you what are the potential reasons for this vertiginous fall in the market.

Falling prices confusing FIFA FUT players

Like every year, the FIFA Ultimate Team transfer market is causing a stir between players of the famous multiplayer component of FIFA 22. Available from October 1, the game reveals weekly its Team of the Week and Teams of Players to Watch (OTW), among other occasional events.

But one element caught the attention of many players during these first weeks of play. The price of players in the market, usually disproportionate whether in FIFA or real life, has presumably plummeted after the release of this new edition. This unusual phenomenon in FUT history comes to mind when a player like Romelu Lukaku goes from 48,000 to 23,000 credits Where Robert Lewandowski, the European golden shoe, goes from 70,000 to only 40,000 credits.

On FIFA 21, the dynamics were completely different, since seven days after the game’s release, player prices were extremely high. To explain this phenomenon, FUT players got hold of the topic on Reddit and proposed several theories that we detail below :

Why are the prices of the best FUT 22 cards so low?

FIFA 22: FUT, prices for the best cards in free fall, what you need to know
  • There is a better chance of hitting the best maps in FUT packs given that the odds of packs have increased slightly this year.
  • The renewal of the preview option allows players to know the composition of a pack before purchase. As a result, many players end up buying packs that only contain strong cards.
  • The 4,600 points obtained by the owners of the Ultimate Edition allowed the opening of more packs.
  • In FUT 22, the rewards for FUT Champions and Division Rivals are higher than in the past, leading to stronger cards.

In short, rather than being the result of one of these theories, the drop in prices of FUT 22 cards seems to be due to a combination of all these factors, to the delight of fans of the game.

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