FIFA 23: a rich free FUT package arrives with Amazon Prime Gaming

Are you a player of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team and do you also have an Amazon Prime Gaming subscription, perhaps because you took advantage of the free trial period on Black Friday? Then you can’t miss the new exclusive FUT pack for anything in the world.

Starting this evening, in fact, the second of the twelve monthly packages which will be made available to subscribers to the Amazon service. Inside this FIFA 23 digital booster pack you can find the following items: 7 Rare Gold Players, 2 Player Pick Cards with minimum OVR 81+, 12 Rare Consumables, 15 Match Loan Haaland, and 8 Player Pick Cards Between 2 Players of the World Cup. It should be noted that objects related to FIFA World Cup they will only be available for a limited time and depending on when the sachet is opened, its contents may vary.

To redeem the content simply visit the official site of the promotion and immediately redeem the DLC if you have already obtained the previous one, alternatively you will have to follow the on-screen steps to link your Electronic Arts account, so that the items can be sent to your copy of EA football.

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