FIFA 23: Even if it changes its name, the game from EA Sports will retain its licenses

In recent days, the license of EA Sports has been talked about a lot. Outraged the release of FIFA 22 which is already a huge success, the legendary football game is at the center of many questions. Obviously, Electronic Arts is thinking to change the name of his goose that lays the golden eggs from 2022.

Logically, fans are worried (especially seeing the fiasco concerning the end of PES and the arrival of eFootball). Today, we receive the first good news with the confirmation that the next FIFA, whatever its name, will not lose its licenses.

EA and FIFPro (FIFA) reach agreement



So it’s official, Electronic Arts and FIFPro are coming to find an agreement to allow the American publisher “to offer unrivaled realism in football games around the world”. FIFPro is the global representative of professional football players. Through this agreement, EA Sports can leverage the names, faces and performances of players around the world.

More than 28 years after the release of the first FIFA, EA Sports will therefore be able to continue to offer the best of virtual football thanks to this “long-term” agreement. As stated in the press release, this will enable Electronic Arts to provide “the best and most authentic football experience to over 150 million players around the world”.

EA Sports points out that FIFPro is one of the 300 licensing partners that support FIFA and make the integration of licensed content possible. Whether it is the clubs, the different leagues (Premier League, Ligue 1, Serie A, Liga…), but also the competitions (UEFA Champions League, Europa League…) and of course the stadiums.

Our players regularly remind us that one of the most important aspects of the EA Sports experience is the deep immersion created through authentic use of the world’s greatest leagues, teams and talent. This is how we continue to blur the lines between the physical and virtual worlds of football. FIFPro will continue to be an important partner as we design the next generation of EA Sports football experiences for players around the world.

So that the players are reassured. Even if FIFA 23 does not see the light of day (replaced by a certain EA Sports FC 23), the content of the game will remain unchanged.

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