FIFA 23: That’s how chic it is "best FIFA ever"

What matters is on the pitch. That’s what BVB legend Adi Preißler said back then. And apparently the developer EA Sports said so too. That’s why pretty much all FIFA 23 announcements so far have focused on the gameplay, content and game modes that await you in the soccer sim when it hits PC, Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia on September 30th, 2022.

In addition to features such as HyperMotion 2.0, Power Shots or the complete women’s world championship, the look of the EA kicker also plays an important role. After all, FIFA 23 (buy now €69.99) According to official statements, it will be “the best FIFA of all time” in every respect. Accordingly, the makers of EA Vancouver have also put some work into the look of the title. The level of detail should reach a completely new level. Even the tiniest tuft of grass is said to be more alive than ever before.

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FIFA 23: That changes with the presentation. (6)

Source: EA Sports

For this purpose, the place in FIFA 23 has been redesigned from the ground up. “98 percent of our players look at the pitch,” the developers explain in an interview. So that there is always something exciting to see, a new system is being introduced to give the green a more realistic touch. A number of artistic and technical improvements compared to the predecessor help with this: EA Sports played around with the shaders a bit, adjusted the length and color of the individual blades of grass and fine-tuned the lighting. The particle effects have also been upgraded again.

All this is rounded off by a new wear system. Player and ball now leave more marks on the pitch. If you tackle an opponent or kneel to the corner flag while cheering, you rip up the turf and reveal the dirt underneath. This dirt even remains visible until the final whistle. The ground becomes more and more uneven over the course of a real lawn battle. It reflects the battle that takes place on it. In this way, the square becomes its own entity, a living, breathing part of the game. “Staring at grass has never been so much fun,” said the developers at EA Sports.

FIFA 23: That changes with the presentation.  (5)

FIFA 23: That changes with the presentation. (5)

Source: EA Sports

A few changes to the goal nets await you in line with this. In past FIFAs, they were always just a 3D model with a transparent texture slapped on. Accordingly, the stitches not only looked funny, they also behaved that way. For example, it was possible to just run into them with players and then continue in place, like running into an invisible wall.

In FIFA 23, the nets are now actually nets. This ensures that they now resemble their real role models more. They fly spectacularly around if you sink a ball into them with some serious force, making finishes that little bit more satisfying. Also, players can now get tangled in the mesh and trip.

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