FIFA 23: The grass has never been so green – How EA Sports improves match presentation

The next new deep dive video of FIFA 23 looks at the presentation of the matches in the game, which is improved in many ways.

These include new AR elements in replays, which show you information about distance and shot speed directly in the replay.

What a lawn!

In the run-up to a game, you can expect new scenes that will get you in the mood for the upcoming match. However, the lawn has been significantly improved and looks better and greener than ever in FIFA 23.

In the course of a match, clear tracks form on the lawn, which remain until the end. The goal net also has improved physics and should react realistically, not only to the ball but also to players who land in it.

More FIFA 23 news:

In the stands you’ll see more detailed fans with more variety in clothing and such, while also introducing female officials in FUT, Pro Clubs and other modes, among others.

The FIFA Trainer has also been revised and gets new graphics and a fresh design.

What else? New camera options give even more of a football broadcast impression and you can even continue listening to the soundtrack during matches without the commentators.

Additional sound effects such as horns, sirens and other things await you after a successful goal completion.

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