FIFA, the name of the title remains only after 1 billion dollars

We have already been talking to you about the story that is affecting Electronic Arts and FIFA for a few days. As you surely know by now through a document, EA has made it known that it would be really interested in changing the name of one of its historical franchises and that for 20 years they have accompanied millions of gamers, especially those who love the game of football. Only in the last few weeks, however, the story has become more and more interesting especially after the questions that have been asked to the company about why it wants to change the name especially after all this time and after the title is now universally recognized with the name “FIFA”.


On the other hand, we already had a big example this year with eFootball that did not impress the fans, or at least, certainly not in a positive way. Some choices made by Konami have in fact led to the release of an incomplete title and with some gaps that make FIFA 22, released this year, the undisputed king of football titles (on the other hand it is the only one), at least for now. At the moment, however, we have new news on what should be the negotiation between EA and FIFA on this sudden choice by the American company. In fact, it seems that through some documents received by the New York Times the football club asked $ 1 billion for four years. All this obviously to allow you to use the name within the title.

Of course we know that FIFA sells very well and that EA would not have much difficulty paying them, But it’s not just this. In fact, it seems that the two organizations are now going in completely opposite paths and that the football title of Electronic Arts still wants to change course.

If you are obviously wondering what could happen to teams and players, there is nothing to worry about why EA has already established relationships with FIFPRO to continue to use the faces and licenses of the teams you love most in complete tranquility. Who knows what will happen in this bizarre story, we await new ones!

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