FIFA will remain FIFA, even if EA renames the game EA Sports FC

Electronic Arts has endorsed its break with the great body of football. Which means its next FIFA games are going to become EA Sports FC.

Wouldn’t we have a little EA Sports FC party? » « Wouldn’t you rather have a FIFA party? »

This conversation is likely to go on for years while fans get used to the idea. In a press release issued on May 10, Electronic Arts has formalized its break with the biggest body in football, meaning that its flagship FIFA saga will be called, from 2023, EA Sports FC – a name exploded on the ground. This change was anticipated after daring criticism from the editor’s CEO, resembling an act of war.

Electronic Arts specifies to begin “ a new era “, after several decades of fruitful marriage, as FIFA video games have not ceased to panic the counters (in France, FIFA 22 was best selling last year). The multinational now estimates its community at 150 million people, which represents a huge audience for a single license.

FIFA 22. // Source: EA Sports
FIFA 22. // Source: EA Sports

FIFA does not bury the hatchet

Lovers of previous FIFAs can be reassured, in terms of content, they should find themselves there in future EA Sports FC. ” Our unique licensing portfolio with over 19,000 players, over 700 teams, over 100 stadiums and 30 leagues that we have continued to invest in for decades will always be there. “says Electronic Arts. We will also find the same game modes, as well as other 100% new ones. The separation with FIFA will also allow developers to take some liberties. In this World Cup year in Qatar, EA still promises the “ most ambitious FIFA of all time “.

In response to Electronic Arts, FIFA split from very aggressive statements, by the voice of President Gianni Infantino. It indicates, without any filter: I can assure you that the only authentic game that has FIFA in the name will be the best available for gamers and football fans. The name FIFA is the only valid global title. FIFA 23, FIFA 24, FIFA 25, FIFA 26 and so on… The continuity is in the name FIFA, which will forever remain THE BEST. The capital letters, thus used in the press release, are important, as they testify to a form of anger on the part of FIFA.

The entity, which seeks to recall the power of its brand, digests a priori very badly the choice of Electronic Arts. We can understand it: it is a very big financial partner. According to an article from New York Times dating from October 2021, FIFA intended to claim a billion dollars every four years to authorize the use of the FIFA name, a rising bill (from 150 to 250 million per year), with certain limits in the generation of income . Conditions that Electronic Arts did not want to accept, which wishes to offer more to its fans without having to be accountable.

Therefore, FIFA is currently looking for new partners to continue to bring FIFA video games to life (hello Konami?). She would be to engage in discussions with publishers, media companies and investors with a view to developing a new FIFA football simulation for 2024 “. So there is a future where a long-distance battle is taking shape between Electronic Arts and FIFA. The end of an idyll which started in 1993 with FIFA International Soccer.

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