Fight, blows and robbery: the complete sequence that ended with the assault on a sleeping man

Police arrested two people who in the early hours of this Friday The cell phone was stolen from a man who was injured and drunk on the steps of the Dardo Rocha Passageat 6 and 49. The authorities managed to find the defendants thanks to the work of the staff of the Operations and Monitoring Center (COM).

In that framework, municipal staff released the complete sequence that occurred in the heart of La Plata. As already reported 0221.com.arBefore, only the robbery of the man who was asleep in the place was known, with the images you can see the entire previous sequence, which included a street fight in which the victim ended up unconscious. In the images you can see that the subject was bare-chested and staggered every time he tried to walk.

It was at that moment that he approached a group of young people who were sitting on the sidewalk and began a brief chat. His words generated the reaction of a young man who had the shirt of the Argentine National Team, who already in the middle of the street gave him a punch that knocked him to the ground.

As a result of the blow, he suffered a serious cut to the head. Witnesses to the event came to attend and it was at that moment that two subjects took advantage of his condition and stole his cell phone.

Police sources told 0221.com.ar that the two suspects, 41 and 47 years old and domiciles in Ensenada and Berisso, respectively; They were transferred to the First Police Station and were detained accused of the crime of “theft”.

The subject, meanwhile, was assisted by the authorities of the Emergency Medical Care System (SAME).

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