Figure of the Spanish Union affirms that playing against Colo Colo “of pressure and fear” and subtly ignores the U

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Rodrigo Piñeiro analyzed the present of the tournament, comparing what it is like to play as a Hispanic against Colo Colo and Universidad de Chile.

Rodrigo Piñeiro compared what it is to play against Colo Colo and the U.
© UNO Agency and Guillermo Salazar.Rodrigo Piñeiro compared what it is to play against Colo Colo and the U.

There is no doubt that this and last season has been marked by a noticeable difference between Colo Colo and Universidad de Chile in their performance in the tournament. While the Cacique fights to be champion, the blues get entangled to the point of having to fight to maintain the category.

This has been reflected in the last Superclásicos, where despite the university resistance, Colo Colo still imposes his terms and ends up winning. In this 2022 it was not the exception in the Talca Prosecutor.

One who gave his opinion of this reality was Rodrigo Piñeiro, striker for Unión Española that precisely will face the U on the next date of the tournament, where he stated while one cast delivers pressure, the other unfortunately has been losing it.

In a conversation with ESPN, the Uruguayan striker stated that “we played against Colo Colo and yes it gives us that pressure and fear, we know that we can really lose, They have more chances to beat us. But since the U is coming now, we have great chances to win the game”.

“This week we are working not to face the big U, but to beat them. Yes with respect, but not with that pressure of: ‘it’s the U, we can’t give ourselves away’. I think the leading role is and will be ours, we are working to win. It is the feeling that we have today in the plantL,” he concluded.

The Cacique fell to the Hispanics in the first round by presenting a substitute team for their participation in the Copa Libertadores. The revenge will be in the weekend of September 8 and 9, where he will receive the Reds for the date 24 at the Monumental.

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