FIL Guadalajara: Will the delegation representing Peru have gender parity?

The culture Ministry reported that the official delegation that will represent Peru at the 35 Guadalajara International Book Fair, between November 27 and December 5, is made up of 64 people and 1 companion. Of this total, 44 members (68%) come from regions other than Lima and 36 members (56%) are women.

Each member of the delegation represents the cultural, literary, academic and editorial variety of the country, with the objectives of making our ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversity visible, promoting the bibliodiversity of the Peruvian publishing offer, promoting classic and contemporary Peruvian authors, disseminating literary works and arts related to identity and memory, as well as literature and other expressions that generate connections and new routes of dialogue between Mexico and Peru.

Of the delegation, 44 people will be part of the literary program. These include narrative and poetry writers, as well as oral narrators. Ch’aska Anka Ninawaman (Cusco), Mirtha Cartagena Castrillón de Mendoza (Ica), Antonio Cillóniz de la Guerra (Lima), Óscar Colchado Lucio (Áncash), Dina Ananco (Amazonas), among others, make up the delegation.

Likewise, during the Peruvian programming, in the spaces dedicated to science, specialists and scientific disseminators such as Carla Alessandra Arce Tord (Lima), Alberto Gago (Lima) and Carmen Rosa García Dávila (Loreto) will be presented.

It should be noted that, during the nine days of the fair, five traditional artists from the Ruraq Maki Fair in the Peru Pavilion will be presented to disseminate the best of Peruvian art: Alejandro Alanya de la Cruz (Huancavelica), Marcial Berrocal Evanán (Ayacucho ), Lastenia Canayo García (Ucayali), Rosa Choque Gonzales (Moquegua) and Marisol Llanos Gonzales (San Martín).

On the other hand, a group of book and reading professionals (booksellers, editors, illustrators, librarians and promoters of reading) will share in dialogue tables within the framework of the fair’s professional program . Among them, Irina Burgos (Piura), Elizabeth Campos (Lima) and César Castro Aliaga (Junín) stand out.

This official delegation was formed according to the following technical criteria: regional diversity, multilingual diversity, diversity of literary genres, thematic diversity, gender equity, trajectory and generational equity, and current affairs (recent publications). Likewise, its members include seven winners of the National Prize for Literature: Sheila Alvarado, María Ruiz Rosas, Lizardo Cruzado, Washington Córdova, Antonio Cillóniz, Selenco Vega and Victoria Guerrero.

With the participation of Peru as Guest of Honor at FIL Guadalajara 2021, the internationalization of national authors is promoted, as well as the visibility of the Peruvian publishing offer in the international market. In this way, it contributes to the economic reactivation of the sector, affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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