| Daddy Yankee retires: his past as a rapper and his present as the king of reggaeton

The king of reggaeton retires and in his last lap Argentina could not miss. In the preview of the shows of daddy yankee in our country we invite you to know the long way he traveled to be today the star of the genre. Prepare that perreo for this new

Raymond Luis Ayala Rodriguez was born on February 3, 1977 In the town of The Stones, in Puerto Rico. With a father who was a salsa percussionist and a mother who played eighties music, there was no way to escape his vocation. But his focus from a young age was actually on sports: he loved boxing, basketball and baseball, and rapping was just a hobby.

For his 12 years, mini Raymond was already throwing bars, inspired by what he saw on the streets but also by other things that hit him up close. At this time the ones who had the post in the scene were the DJs, so his beginnings were closely linked to them. The first song he recorded was called UNTIL DOWN and went with DJ Piro when he was about 13 years old in the Las Lomas neighborhood of his hometown.

At 15, he moved to Villa Kennedy, a hamlet in San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico, and it was here that he met DJ Playero, with whom he began to make history. In 1991 under the alias of DADDY YANKEE he recorded a song giving birth to reggaeton.

Just as Raymond had a stage name to sing about dancing, love and women, he had another to spit on reality. WINCHESTA YANKEE was his alter ego boombapero under which he drew cruder things.

By the mid-’90s, the streets of Villa Kennedy were hot and it was on one of those afternoons that the course that Daddy had planned for his life changed completely: he was shot on the beach while hanging out with his usual companions. The bullet hit his hip and they even told him that they had to amputate his leg, but after a year in bed he escaped that fate. By the time she recovered, she was married, had a daughter, and released her debut album.

In 1997, only as DADDY YANKEE and focused on his musical career, he released a compilation album entitled EL CARTEL, with which he obtained his first GOLD DISC. In the midst of this growth, hire a young Nicky Jam to be their chorus girl and it goes so well that they decide to put together a duo: THE CANGRIS.

They release several hits and by 2002 they separate. Daddy closed that stage with EL CANGRI.COM, after which he released what would be considered the best album in the history of reggaeton: FINE NEIGHBORHOOD.

With BARRIO FINO, the doors of the world are opened to reggaeton and Latin culture in general, and also a couple of fights, because here the famous artistic rivalry with DON OMAR to find the true king of the genre.

And what was the next step? A movie. TALENTO DE BARRIO was the 8 MILE of Latinos, and in addition to a story of love, drama and talent, it left us with a high soundtrack. The soundtrack of the movie was a gold record in Argentina and the rage over Daddy Yankee brought it to the best reality shows in the country and also to Bombonera itself.

PRESTIGE was another album celebrated by fans because Daddy returned to his reggeaton roots, something that continued with KING DADDY in 2013. From here we jump to 2015, a hinge year in his career for reconciliations and new fights. That year LOS CANGRIS were shown together again for the first time since 2002 and although they had already recorded together in 2012 this showed that things were really good.

Also that year started THE KINGDOM TOUR, a 60-date tour with DON OMAR, with whom he had become friends in 2008 and now faced each other at each show. With 5 sold outs in Puerto Rico and on his way to do the same around the world, one day Don Omar left, leaving the project of an album, a TV show and the tour they had together truncated. Even with the help of Wisin and Yandel, they never became friends again.

For the artist who had been raising the flag of reggaeton for decades, it might seem that the best was over. but it came SLOWLY.

One more time Daddy, from the hand of Luis Fonsi and Justin Bieberopened the doors to Latinos under this sound that we can classify in URBAN POP and that to the ears of the world was more digestible than reggaeton.

And so with a broken heart we had to accept that one day the Big Boss was going to retire, but not before leaving us one last great album. Through these 19 songs, in LEGENDADDY he explores all the styles that have been defining his career, passes the baton to the new references of the scene and makes it clear that in addition to being a king, he is already a reggaeton legend.

Fortunately THE LAST TURN He brings it to Argentina and we will be able to thank him live and direct.

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