Filter possible title, setting and more details of "Resident Evil 9"

Resident Evil Village is just over a year old at this point and will soon see a new DLC release in October. As Capcom continues to work on producing new content for Resident Evil Village, Rumors and supposed “leaks” have begun to arrive about what the next game in the series will offer, such as the title of Resident Evil 9, its setting and much more.

This information comes from 4Chan, so fans should take the information with reservations. Still, there have been legitimate game leaks from this site, so it will be interesting to see if there is any truth to these claims about Resident Evil 9.

The information, which was discussed in a Residence of Evil video, states that the working title of Resident Evil 9 It’s Apocalypse. Apparently, the plot of Resident Evil 9 will be about the ninth phase of the moon, and it is said that the moon itself will serve as the symbol of the game and could appear in the logo.

According to the alleged leaks, Resident Evil 9 It will be set in a “ghost town” in the west, where players can explore caves, rivers and a “spooky forest area”. Players will have to face “misshapen” wendigo creatures that have been compared to mythological monsters.

It is said that these monsters will be able to mimic human voices and transform into friendly-looking NPCs, mirroring the urban legends of skinwalkers. There will also be an enemy “giant black dog” that players will have to deal with, assuming the information is legitimate.

One of the main villains is said to be a woman who wears a green and gold outfit, and the video notes her resemblance to Mother Miranda from Resident Evil Village. Meanwhile, one of the other monsters in the area will be really friendly to the player and will also play the role of a merchant of Resident Evil 9if the leaks are credible.

These Resident Evil 9 leaks may or may not be legit, but in any case, RE9 is not going to be the next game in the series. First up is the Resident Evil 4 Remake, which is slated for release in March of next year, so fans shouldn’t expect to hear anything about RE9 until some time after the RE4 Remake hits the market.

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