Filtered new weapon variants for Halo Infinite

The Halo gaming community is enjoying the arrival of multiplayer in the newest installment in the franchise, so some players are impatient for the addition of new content in the first few updates.

Something that has surprised us is that a data miner has leaked the new weapon variants of Halo Infinite. In Halo 5, 343 Industries introduced an interesting first with weapon variants.

In the campaign, these weapon variants were hidden throughout certain levels, granting players a strength boost especially useful for higher difficulties. The variants were much more controversial in Halo 5 multiplayer, as they could only be obtained through random card packs.

According to discover there will be six variants of weapons of Halo Infinite. Players will be able to access these through custom in-game settings. It’s unclear when or how 343 plans to officially introduce these new Halo Infinite weapon variants to multiplayer.

New Halo Infinite Weapon Variants

The six Halo Infinite weapon variants discovered include the Convergence Bulldog, which features a larger magazine and less bullet spread; the MA40 Longshot, which has fewer bullets but a 1.65x zoom; the S7 Flexfire, with a load of 10 rounds; the BR75 Breacher, with a faster rate of fire but a slightly smaller magazine; the Rapidfire Pulse Carbine, with a higher rate of fire, and the Volatile Skewer, which has projectiles that explode shortly after reaching their target.

Those interested in checking out the Halo Infinite weapon variants can do so right now. They just have to start a custom game with Party mode on an offline server as explained by the filtering.

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