Final Fantasy 14 is considered the most profitable game in the franchise

Final Fantasy 14 has become the most profitable title in the entire history of Square Enix’s RPG franchise. The information is from the game’s director, Naoki Yoshida. According to him, the MMORPG has over 24 million registered players, and it continues to grow over the days. The game’s expansion, Endwalker, is due for release on November 23rd.

After its troubled release in 2010, Final Fantasy 14 went on a journey of redemption to take on the most lucrative gaming post in the series. In the first two years of life, the game did not grow, and was almost closed. However in 2012, Yoshida took over the direction of the development team, and revamped the game from the beginning, creating Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn.

Since then, the MMORPG has evolved steadily. According to the data revealed in the Endwalker preview event, Final Fantasy 14, it had just over 4 million registered players in 2015. As early as 2017, at the launch of the Stormblood expansion, the game had 10 million users. Currently, the number has doubled.

Yoshida directing Final Fantasy 14

Regarding his history with the game, Yoshida states that:

“You all know how difficult things were for us with the original Final Fantasy 14. After that time, we were able to turn the title into a game capable of making a big contribution to our company’s profits. [Square Enix]”.

In addition, for the future, Yoshida says he “will not save investment expenses” to ensure that the game becomes even more successful as a success.. The director also talked about his relationship with the MMORPG community in a post on the PlayStation blog.

“From our point of view as a team, we don’t just think of players as players. We really consider them our friends and part of our family because we’re in this together. is that we want FF14 to be focused on a high quality story. For me, that’s the turning point when compared to other MMORPGs.”

With information, Eurogamer / IGN.

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