Final Fantasy 16: A demo before the release as for Final Fantasy 7 Remake?

Game News Final Fantasy 16: A demo before the release as for Final Fantasy 7 Remake?

Unveiled through a new trailer during the last State of Play, Final Fantasy 16 is full of information, in particular through Naoki Yoshida who even mentions the idea of ​​a demo before the launch of the game.

Information galore

Also known by the nickname of Yoshi-P, Naoki Yoshida is a Japanese video game producer and notably puts his talent to the benefit of Square Enix. It is therefore difficult not to think of Final Fantasy, a license on which he is working. He notably started by taking over Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn after a disastrous launch before being entrusted with the project for the next Final Fantasy XVI announced very recently.

Having recently given interviews as part of a promotional campaign for the game, Naoki Yoshida answered our questions with the aim of going deeper into some aspects that we could notice in the trailer. On the program: Primal fights, Clive’s motivations, user interface, team and companions, interface design, spells and magic, structure and open world… If you haven’t had the opportunity to read our article yet, a ton of information waiting for you.

And maybe a demo?

But it was during an interview with Dengeki Online, a Japanese video game site, that Naoki Yoshida talks about wanting to release a trial version of Final Fantasy 16 before its launch. While this is more of a designer’s personal wish than a real project in the development studio’s pipeline at the moment, Naoki Yoshida adds that he would like to at least reserve a demo of the upcoming action-oriented RPG from the media. . So no guarantee…

Final Fantasy 16: A demo before the release as for Final Fantasy 7 Remake?

However, you only have to go back a little over two years to remember what happened with Final Fantasy VII Remake. While the general public no longer hoped to get their hands on it, a playable demo ended up landing on the PlayStation Store of the PS4, only a month before its scheduled release in April 2020. Here’s hoping Final Fantasy XVI follows the same path as it’s slated for release in Summer 2023 on PC and PlayStation 5.

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