Final Fantasy 16 is already fully playable

Just a few weeks ago, as part of the State of Play another look at Final Fantasy 16 delivered. in the PlayStationBlog revealed producer Naoki Yoshida now more details on the development of the role-playing game. Among other things, he revealed that Final Fantasy 16 is already being released by beginning to end can be played through. However, the work is far from finished.

One year left until release

Square Enix did not give an exact date, but at the end of the trailer a release was confirmed Summer 2023 for PS5. So the development team has almost exactly one year to complete Final Fantasy 16. At the moment the RPG is being voiced in many other languages. Only English and Japanese are as good as finished here so far. In addition, the level of difficulty will be adjusted, cutscenes optimized and bugs fixed.

Naoki Yoshida gets support

The producer and his team Creative Business Unit III are not only responsible for Final Fantasy 16. Parallel will continue to Final Fantasy 14 worked. From the very beginning of the development of the new project, it was important to Naoki Yoshida that online role-playing games should not be neglected. That’s why he has several project managers and assistants at his side who do the work for him.

Final Fantasy 16: The new trailer for the new role-playing epic

We will see many well-known names who already worked on Final Fantasy 14 again in Final Fantasy 16. Including composer Masayoshi Soken, who is currently making the soundtrack for the role-playing game. This one isn’t quite finished either. For the first time, Final Fantasy is apparently special adult judge. At least that’s what the first ratings that were recently published indicate.

Source: PlayStationBlog

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