Final Fantasy 16 will offer a breathtaking experience. News soon

Final Fantasy 16 is full of information through a PlayStation Blog interview. Summons, combat system, ambitions and history. We take stock.

Final Fantasy 16 provided the show at State of Play in June 2022. The trailer for the new installment of the famous saga was long overdue for a year, but the wait was clearly worth it. Now that the title has been remembered by the general public, the developers can speak more openly about the game. Here is all the latest information from the interview with Naoki Yoshida, producer of FF16.

Final Fantasy 16 will be “an emotional lift”

The summer of 2023 may seem very long. Final Fantasy 16 has been pushed back to next year, but Square Enix isn’t going to leave players without any new info on the game in the meantime. The Japanese publisher has indeed published an interview with Yoshi-P, which details his vision on FF 16 a little more. The thinking head of the project reiterated his words: Final Fantasy 16 will be an emotional elevator thanks to an intense story.

The idea is to give players the feeling of playing an epic movie and offer them a breathtaking experience through a combination of a captivating story, dramatic cutscenes and real-time combat. This includes gargantuan clashes of Primordials (note: invocations)all seamlessly connected

Action-oriented gameplay and support system

Speaking of fights, the producer is aware of not satisfying a fringe of players by opting for an openly action-oriented approach. ” It’s impossible to please everyone “, he confides before adding that Final Fantasy 16 will also open up to a younger audience who has probably never played a single game in the franchise before. However, this is not the only reason that led him to opt for an action-oriented combat system. Yoshi-P and his team indeed wish ” push the boundaries of what a Final Fantasy game can be and expand the possibilities for the developers who will take over for Final Fantasy 17. In addition, the teams in charge of the Kingdom Hearts fights have supported the developers of the game, in particular on the clashes against the bosses.

With FF 16, the idea is therefore to attract as many people as possible by offering a story in a classic fantasy world reminiscent of the first games of the saga, but this time combined with frantic action-oriented and real-time gameplay. . Those who resist this approach or those who simply have trouble with this type of mechanics will not be sidelined. FF16 will indeed offer a support system for those ” who are not necessarily comfortable with action games. So if it’s not your thing, I hope you’ll give it a try anyway. “.

An update on summons and news at the Tokyo Game Show?

Both trailers were explicit: summons will have an important place in Final Fantasy 16’s story. The producer even goes so far as to compare the game’s Primes to real-world weapons of mass destruction. Every nation has one, within a human host, and he who inherits these powers rules”. These chosen ones will therefore be able to transform themselves into giant creatures with the optics “ to provide a unique experience where you control these huge summons and use them to fight each other “.

To learn more and see a new trailer for FF16, you won’t have to wait as long as before. Naoki Yoshida confirms that new details about the game’s world and story will be available this fall, most likely at Tokyo Game Show 2022.

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