Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Cloud’s mother shown in concept art

On the occasion of Mother’s Day 2022 just passed, Square-Enix has decided to show the concept art by Claudia Strifeor the mother of Cloud, the skilled soldier we play in Final Fantasy 7.

The illustration you can take a look at below features Claudia Strife, Cloud’s mother who already appeared in the original published JRPG way back in 1997 on PlayStation One. Cloud’s mother wears a simple pink home dress around which an apron is tied. The concept art also describes the way in which the two pieces go together.

Square-Enix then revived the modeling of Claudia Strife in Final Fantasy 7 Remake in-game, which takes into great consideration the original illustration and respects its characterization, starting from the hair, passing through the dress and the apron. The publisher did not fail to also attach a screenshot captured from the original version of the JRPG, in which Claudia appeared during Cloud’s flashbacks.

With the arrival of the Intergrade version on PC, Final Fantasy VII Remake continues to be enriched with new mods distributed free for the community: one of the most recent has added over 6 thousand textures in very high definition. For further information, we refer you to our Final Fantasy 7 Remake review.

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