Final Fantasy fan art lets us know more about Tifa Lockhart

The series of games final-fantasyhas had a long variety of titles, so a long list of characters where one of the favorites is Tifa Lockhart, a beautiful girl who joined from Final Fantasy VII, and since her arrival caused a great impact on the fandom, until to become the most outstanding and beloved female character, earning an important place in the hearts of her fans.

Tifa Lockharta very attractive girl, an expert in martial arts and who undoubtedly has one of the closest relationships with Cloud, because according to the official story, they are good friends since childhood, so over time he chooses to better unite forces, and decides to convince Cloud to join Avalanche and start a whole adventure.

Tifa’s fans know that behind her beauty, there is a sad story, because life puts her through a series of hard tests since she was little, from which with time and a lot of effort she manages to get ahead, so like every hero, that only shaped her insurmountable character and turned her into a woman who is willing to help to the last consequences to get where it is necessary.

She is serafleuran incredible artist and illustrator who makes some of the best fan art we’ve seen, with stylized designs, elegant colors, maximum details and special shine in each one of them, you can find her on her official Instagram as @serafleur, where she tells with more than 556 thousand followers, as well as designs of all styles giving us the best.

Now, we bring you an amazing and new version of fan art, it is an illustration about Tifa in which we see her look charming and showing her beautiful silhouette, an illustration of our favorite girl from Final Fantasy VII, where we see a safe Tifa and strong with a high attention to detail, as well as an expression that reflects the beauty and striking personality of our beloved girl Lockhart.

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