Finance law 2022: an “absolute yes” in the Senate

After the approval of the AFN, the 2022 finance law is welcomed with open arms in the Senate. Unsurprisingly, senators adopted this law today, November 25, 2021, following a plenary session held this morning.

Indeed, 109 senators today voted “Yes” for the new budget bill. No “No” vote was recorded. No abstentions were issued either.

Thanks from the Prime Minister

Following this vote which took place today following a session of the upper house of the Algerian parliament, chaired by Salah Goujil, the Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, thanked the deputies and saluted their “sense of responsibility “.

It is following the vote which resulted in the adoption of this law by the Senate, that Benabderrahmane praised “the sense of responsibility” and “the constructive dialogue” which marked the interventions of the senators during the sessions devoted to discussion of this law.

The Prime Minister also affirmed that this new finance law, decried by several political actors in Algeria, takes into consideration the rebalancing of fiscal balances and guaranteed the support of the state to the fragile layers of society.

This law, again according to the Prime Minister, stimulates economic development by Algeria, and this, based on what dictates the program of the President of the Republic.

It should be remembered that this new finance law has already been adopted by the AFN. Indeed, the amendment obtained 144 yes, 71 refusals and seven abstentions in the lower house of the Algerian parliament.

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