Find out how to get an iPhone or Galaxy from €9.99/month at Pixmania

The Pixmania site is back with great fanfare and with a clear and distinct goal: to offer high-end smartphones at low prices thanks to an innovative financing solution. We explain below how to take advantage of an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy from €9.99/month thanks to Pixmania.

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After 10 years as the leading European e-commerce site, Pixmania has reinvented itself this year! No more multimedia products of all kinds, Pixmania Goes vertical and specializes in the world of mobile with one goal: to make high-tech products accessible to everyone, regardless of your budget.

Pixmania thus says goodbye to inflation and hello to ecological practices by offering repairs on smartphones, the recovery of your mobiles and the sale of refurbished telephones with the objective of making the devices last as long as possible thanks to the recovery of old appliances, repair and refurbishment.

Whether you want a Samsung Galaxy or a state-of-the-art iPhone, Pixmania is there to offer you many models from €9.99/month. To do this, the site offers you the Pixeasy financing solution!

You can thus pay for all your High Tech products in installments and therefore get a high-end mobile, the Pixcare guarantee, AirPods, an iPad and everything you want to equip your mobile, while paying a small amount each month. .. Also, at Pixmania, when you buy a smartphone, the site deducts the trade-in price in 24 months to save you money on your monthly payment. In addition, you can resell an old device with Pixtrade, to further lower the price of your purchase.

The latter allows you to estimate the price of the trade-in of your old smartphone from the product sheet or directly from your basket. You then receive your refund after your purchase and once your old mobile has been diagnosed by Pixmania in its French laboratory. Thanks to this service, you can, for example, take advantage of an iPhone 14 for only €493 by reselling your old iPhone 12 128GB.

Last advantage, and not least, the site offers you to change your mobile for an even more upscale smartphone at the end of the chosen financing period. You are therefore sure to always be at the cutting edge of technology!

iPhone or Galaxy at €9.99/month: how to do it?

To enjoy a high-end mobile without breaking the bank at Pixmania, just follow the steps below:

  • Select the mobile you are interested in on the site (new or refurbished)
  • Set the duration of your monthly payment (maximum of 36 months)
  • Choose the option to return your device if you want to save even more and take advantage of the trade-in of your old mobile with Pixtrade
  • Subscribe the Pixcare guarantee
  • Add all the accessories you want to include in your monthly payments

Once these 5 steps have been completed, you will receive your new mobile and your accessories at home and you can then pay for your purchases little by little, without breaking the bank!

This article is a sponsored publication offered by Pixmania.

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