Finished 120 million film sour – Apple has a Will Smith problem

Finished 120 million film soured |

Apple has a Will Smith problem

It should be a prestige project. technology giant Apple landed THE Hollywood actor for a new movie for his streaming service: Will Smith (53).

But it is precisely this prominent cast that is now becoming a problem for the US group instead of a crowd puller.

Trigger: Smith’s behavior at the Oscars. At the end of March, he slapped comedian Chris Rock on the open stage after he made a joke about Smith’s wife Jada (51), who was suffering from hair loss.

The scene burned itself into the memory of the film industry – and in that of the viewers.

This Oscar slap went around the world

This Oscar slap went around the world

Photo: Chris Pizzello/dpa

About a month before the incident, filming for Apple’s Civil War drama “Emancipation” had ended. Smith starred. Apple saw the film as a surefire contender for another Oscar, as the technology group had already won with its production “Coda”.

Apple paid $120 million to produce Emancipation. Now presents the renowned “New York Times” the question: “Even if the film is artistically successful, can it overcome the burden that comes with Smith?”

The newspaper, citing three people familiar with the matter, reports that Apple has been discussing releasing “Emancipation” by the end of the year. However, others reported back in May that the release had been pushed back to next year.

What is true? Apple itself declined to comment when asked by the New York Times.

Former Hollywood reporter Stephen Galloway described the company’s situation as a “lose-lose situation”.

There are two big questions, according to the scene expert: “If you put the film on hold, will that damage Apple’s reputation?” And: “If you release the film, will that damage your reputation?”

The fact is: If “Emancipation” were nominated for the Oscars, the film would not be the focus of the gala. But the slap. Does Apple want to be connected to IT?

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