Finland and Sweden joining NATO would have these consequences

How likely is it that threats from Russia will continue? And how is Finland and Sweden joining NATO? An overview:

Have Finland and Sweden already submitted an official application to join NATO?

Not yet, but the governments have already officially announced the project. Sweden intends to submit its application at the beginning of this week after there was broad approval of the project in Parliament on Monday. Read more about it here.

Finland’s application for membership, on the other hand, was officially announced on Sunday. But it still has to be approved by Parliament, approval is considered a formality.

Who is NATO and what is it responsible for?

NATO (short for North Atlantic Treaty Organization) is probably the most important security policy alliance in the world and has existed for around 60 years. It was founded on April 4, 1949. It now has 30 member states. In the event of an attack in one of the member states, the others have pledged to assist each other. This so-called alliance case would have to be decided by all NATO partners.

What are the requirements for joining NATO?

First and foremost, a state must express an interest in joining NATO. Talks then take place and the countries officially apply to join the alliance. Only then do concrete discussions begin, in which it is also evaluated whether all the requirements are met. Certain conditions are also associated with admission, such as the country having to be a democratic state, treating minorities equally, wanting to seek peaceful solutions to conflicts, and having the ability and the will to engage militarily in NATO.

Admission to the alliance would be a historic turning point for Finland and Sweden after decades of alliance neutrality. A unanimous vote by NATO and the ratification of the expansion of the alliance by the parliaments of all 30 previous member states are also required for their accession.

Which countries belong to NATO?

How do the member states position themselves on NATO expansion?

the Turkey attaches its yes to NATO membership of Finland and Sweden to conditions and thus threatens the unity of the alliance in its dealings with Russia. Turkey’s indirect veto threats caused considerable resentment among NATO partners. Germany and most other allies welcome the fact that Finland and Sweden have begun preparations for NATO membership in response to Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock (Greens) stressed on Sunday that their admission would strengthen NATO both as a defense alliance and as an alliance of values.

A similar statement was also made NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. With a view to Finland and Sweden, the Norwegian says: “If you decide to apply, that would be a historic moment.” US Secretary of State Antony Blinken was confident: “I have almost without exception heard very strong support for Finland joining NATO if (the country) decides to do so,” he said. There is a “strong consensus” on Finland and Sweden.

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