Fiorella Méndez explodes against Pedro Loli? “I was never respected”

Fiorella Mendez He surprised all his followers with a powerful message on Instagram, just hours after the singer and businessman Pedro Loli, his ex-partner, appeared on television and pointed out that the separation has been the best decision for both.

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The former television host remarked on Instagram that social networks often show what one wants to see, but never the reality or the sadness that one may be going through.

“Sometimes we can pretend that nothing is wrong and that everything is fine, but inside we are bad, sad, not wanting anything. Yes gentlemen, social networks sometimes lie “He wrote in one of his Instagram stories.

Along these lines, she pointed out that she really wants to cry because she only wants the best for herself and her son, for whom she will continue to fight. Indirect for Pedro Loli?

“I was tolerant for several years, I kept silent out of respect, but I realized that I was never respected. It’s over, no more “, he sentenced.

Fiorella Méndez lashes out on social networks.  Photo: Instagram
Fiorella Méndez lashes out on social networks. Photo: Instagram

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The cumbiambero Pedro Loli appeared last Tuesday in the program ‘En Boca de Todos’ and spoke for the first time about his separation from Fiorella Méndez.

“Yes. Right now we are having a very good parenting relationship, the most important thing we want is that my son’s smile does not disappear from his face, it does not get lost “, he told Tula Rodríguez.

“We continue to share moments, a few days ago we were putting together the little tree also because he is excited about everything about Christmas.Pedro Loli continued.

In addition, the singer revealed that he coordinates with Fiorella to visit his little one, especially since he will soon be going on an art tour to the United States.

“She is a woman, strong, hard-working, fighter and eager to get ahead. I will always be proud of her and want the best for her “, Pedro Loli concluded about Fiorella Méndez.


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