Fiorella Retiz is speechless when asked by magpies and Magaly attacks: “She does not listen to anything”

MOVE BEFORE QUESTIONS. Fiorella Retiz was captured by the cameras of Magaly TV, La Firme; but she refused to answer the reporter’s questions about the ampay; as revealed by the host of the space Magaly Medina.

According to ‘the Magpie’, Fiorella Retiz he had gone out shopping and did not answer any questions from the ampay. “She pretends that she does not listen to anything, she is not going to answer anything, she does not want to answer anything”said Magaly.

The journalists believed that both Fiorella Retiz as Fiorella Mendez they lived a parallel life in the few hours they spent working with Aldo Miyashiro and Oscar del Portal. “They were like the lovers of those moments of work”he stated.

TROME |  Fiorella Retiz changes for ampay (Magaly TV)
TROME | Fiorella Retiz changes for ampay (Magaly TV)

The journalist also highlighted that neither of the two Fiorellas appear in the network programs, which were produced by Aldo Miyashiro’s producer.

Meanwhile, Fiorella Méndez appeared on her little son’s birthday with Pedro Loli. The video found on social networks was repeated on the Magaly Medina program.

Magaly Medina considered that despite the fact that Méndez suffered from Pedro Loli’s infidelity, “how could he be in a clandestine relationship with a married man.” “Walking from hotel to hotel”he stated.

Several weeks after the media scandal that was unleashed by a double ampay of Magaly Medina to Aldo Miyashiro with Fiorella Retizwhere Óscar del Portal and Fiorella Méndez, the ex-reporter of the ‘Chinese Band’ also broke her silence.

The cameras of Love and Fire approached Fiorella Retiz outside her house, shortly before Mother’s Day. Although she did not want to answer at that time, they noticed that she was emaciated, with bags under her eyes and her head downcast.

The reporter from Rodrigo González’s program did not give up and called the reporter by phone, who assured her that at this time she was not going to give any kind of statement because she was undergoing a “kind of treatment.”

When all this is over, what I’m going through, maybe I can sit down and tell things… it’s always the woman who comes out the most affected”, Fiorella Retiz limited in communication with Amor y Fuego. “Surely when I want to do it (declare) I will communicate with you or with those who want to listen to me,” she indicated.

On the other hand, the reporter assured that she had already apologized publicly on her social networks, when the reporter asked her if she wanted to apologize to Aldo Miyashiro’s family, specifically to his still wife Erika Villalobos.

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