Fire brigade: Dortmund: injured in an apartment fire in Lütgendortmund

One person was injured in the fire in an attic apartment on Thursday morning in Dortmund. Twelve residents were awakened from their sleep.

A fire in an attic apartment in Dortmund triggered a major fire brigade operation early Thursday morning. The occupant of the apartment was taken to hospital with suspected smoke injuries.

After the alarm at 5.30 a.m., the fire brigade moved out with two fire engines to the apartment building on Lütgendortmunder Straße, in the middle of the Lütgendortmund district and directly opposite the police station there.

Apartment fire in Lütgendortmund: Residents were cared for in the bus

Both streets near the house were closed for the extinguishing work. The fire brigade used two turntable ladders, among other things.

Twelve other residents of the house were partly torn from their sleep by the fire and rescued from the house by the fire brigade. They were cared for in a bus, it said in the morning in the fire brigade control center.

There was no information about the cause of the fire in the morning. Around 8:30 a.m., the fire department reported the operation as over. Public transport was also affected by the closure. There were delays in the bus service.

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