Fire brigade: gas alarm at Crengeldanz in Witten: houses evacuated

Gas leaked from a liquid gas tank on Crengeldanzstrasse, at Breite Strasse in Witten. As a precaution, houses were evacuated.

Gas leaked from a free-standing liquid gas tank on Crengeldanzstra├če in Witten on Tuesday evening around 7 p.m. Residents of the fire department first reported the smell of gas in an inner courtyard. Because measurements showed a clear concentration, several houses on Crengeldanzstrasse – between Breite Strasse and Kesselstrasse – were evacuated. As a result, there were traffic delays there.

According to the fire department, the cause of the escaping gas was a defect in a safety valve. However, the tank was as good as empty and was securely sealed again by a specialist company.

Bogestra provides bus

The Bogestra was at the site with a bus to temporarily accommodate the evacuated people – mainly because of the cold outside. “These are precautionary measures at the moment,” emphasized a firefighter during the operation. Both the professional fire brigade and the extinguishing units Altstadt and Heven were on site. Around 9 p.m., the emergency services were able to return.

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