Fire brigade operation in Schlins: motorcycle tank explodes

A man was slightly injured in a fire in a workshop in Schlins on Wednesday evening.

On Wednesday evening around 5:30 p.m., a 54-year-old man was repairing a motorcycle in a workshop in Schlins. Shortly after the petrol tank was installed, there was an explosive ignition. The motorcycle immediately caught fire. The 54-year-old immediately started trying to extinguish the fire, but then had to call the fire brigade. The fire was finally quickly brought under control by the FFW Schlins. The 54-year-old man suffered a minor injury to his hand during the attempt to extinguish the fire and was given first aid on site by the rescue team. The motorcycle was totaled. The workshop was badly damaged. The FFW Schlins was on site with 30, the FFW Satteins with 15 forces.

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