Fire Rings "hardest boss" was initially even more difficult

Elden Ring is a fairly difficult game, and while it may not be as difficult to master as Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, From Software’s latest adventure offers tons of clever battles that have gamers all over the world tearing their hair out in frustration. The biggest culprit then is probably the boss known as Malenia. This red-haired sword wielder is a minor hell to master with his quick slashes and elegant movement patterns, and now it also turns out that the fight was initially supposed to be even more difficult. So-called “data miners” have unearthed information about how the battle was before version 1.0 was released, and in this document we can read, among other things, that Malenia had another attack reminiscent of the infamous maneuver “Waterfowl Dance” (a movement that can kill most within a few seconds) but even faster. The worst part was that the second attack in question could happen right after the first one, and we don’t dare to think how hard it would have been to duck another incoming sword tornado when it was already close to impossible to avoid the first one. Fortunately, the developers chose to tone down the boss just in time for the game’s launch, and our mental well-being is certainly humbled by it.

Thanks, VG24/7

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