Firefighters prevented a roof from falling

The firefighters intervened to prevent the roof from falling/ on the day

The days passed and in a building of 34 between 21 and 22 the concern grew, especially on the part of the occupants of the top floor, who managed to see how a part of the ceiling hung towards the party wall that had come off and was barely supported , first by a cable and then also by a rope that had worked as a “fix” so that this portion of the structure would not fall into the street, which would have meant an enormous risk. Members of the building consortium warned the administration about the dangerous break fifteen days ago, as they pointed out, and yet only yesterday they managed to get a team of firefighters to remove the heavy masonry.

In these two weeks that the neighbors had been seeing how a portion of the roof of the building was hanging in the air without a solution being presented, it happened that once the administration of the consortium was warned, a lawyer approached to verify the detachment and saw that he was holding that piece of ceiling the cable of a telephony company. “The problem that, in addition to supporting it, that same cable was cracking the structure more and also as they made the service company responsible, no progress was made in solving the problem,” said one of the neighbors who put on alert about the fall of the masonry.

Yesterday, as a last resort, the neighbors contacted the Municipality; A technical team attended that indicated the “danger” to which they were exposed in the place with that part of a hanging ceiling. Hence, it was decided to call the fire department. A crew from the San Carlos detachment showed up and managed to lower the detached piece of structure.

According to the owner of the apartment on the top floor, the administration of the building consortium promised to send a roofer today to carry out the repair.

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