Firefighting: behind the scenes of volunteer firefighter training



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D.Sébastien, T.Simonet, JC.Martin – France 2

France Televisions

In France, the fires of summer 2022 showed the importance of volunteer firefighters. These men and women, who are not professional firefighters, undergo regular training.

During an exercise, a volunteer firefighter leads an intervention, Wednesday, September 21. The purpose of this exercise is to put firefighters to the test in a tense situation. “What interests us is all human and behavioral management”, details a firefighter. These exercises are appreciated by volunteer firefighters. “It’s not our day-to-day job, so you have to train to learn the techniques (…) you have to practice regularly so as not to lose”explains Valentin Margiela, volunteer firefighter.

They train in all types of rescue, with fire drills. The trainers observe how the operations are carried out. The fires that took place this summer underlined the need to expand the pool of volunteer firefighters available, who could intervene in relief related to global warming. “We need to strengthen our volunteer firefighters to be able to participate in the fight against fires”, says Colonel Frédéric Pignaud, director of the Saône-et-Loire fire and rescue service. Of the 250,000 French firefighters, 200,000 are volunteers.

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